Falls jemand in den Mai tanzen möchte…:

(der dritte Track von unserem ersten Album, „Tales Of The Bitter Seed“, analog aufgenommen vor 22 Jahren in der „Werkstatt“ in Karlsruhe; auf einer öddeligen Teac Bandmaschine aus vermutlich siebter Hand und dann auf DAT gemastert, und ich wusste damals noch nicht die Dinge über Recording und Mastering, die ich heute weiss, also verzeiht die Soundqualität…)


looking down to the street cafe
i wonder what you are doing
maybe i don’t realize
the dust on the covers
too long i’ve kept these things for you
too long i’ve been waiting
for that certain look from you

if only i could dance
i’d dance away with you
i knew what i got to do
if only i could dance
if only i could dance
oh yes i’d be with you
it would all be so easy to do
if only i could dance

watching the autumn rain
i feel i lose my hold
„you don’t have to throw your love away“
that’s what i’ve been told
but it’s not so easy now
when the sheep won’t get home today
cause the traffic was too heavy
(all those bloody bastards longing for my soul)
but you won’t get me
no one will ever get me
cause i’m already sold
yes i’m already sold
together with the evening dress
and the candles
and the wine
and the dream of what could have been

if only i could dance…

botany bay 1997

martin giese, bass guitar
stephan kleinert, keyboards, programming
katrin schmidt, lead vocals